Project Portfolio: Commercial and Public Projects

Commercial projects offer a rich pallet of materials, particularly when the old can be combined with the new.  Many commercial structures go through several major changes of use during their lifetime.  Utility and function are weighed carefully in the design of commercial projects.  Budgetary targets are linked tightly to the project's proforma.  Code and permitting requirements are very rigorous and need to be part of the project planning from the start.  The site plan, must meet zoning requirements including parking, setbacks and buffers. Most sites will require considerable grading, and proposed grading elevations must be studied carefully with the land shape or  topography, to keep grading costs to a minimum.
In our commercial work you will find studied, well-organized floor plans with the staffing, operations, and daily functions of your business or institution in mind.  You will find the new facade, accented by a new entry canopy focal point in such projects as Ken Wilson Ford or Saturn of Asheville.  You will find good examples of carefully planned day-lighting for office and business interiors.  You will find the adaptive re-use of existing buildings to new occupancies and you will find respect for preserving significant historic elements and themes.  The award winning William Mull Building we designed provides the imaginative adaptation of an historic brick power plant structure into four levels of administrative and engineering offices.  At the center of a dramatic atrium with day lighting from the industrial cupola 55 feet above the main level, is the original four-post carriage built in 1915 from riveted steel plate girders and columns, like the steel bridge construction of the day.