Firm Profile:

During the past 25 years, our firm has produced a wide range of projects including many unique private residences, a broad range of commercial projects, and several significant public buildings.  Many of these projects are small or modest in scale.  Some are quite large. The work we produce is not only a thoughtful solution to our clients needs, but the integration of the building site, program requirements, and human needs into a vision where the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.

During the first decade of practice (Early Projects), much of the work of the firm was residential, with an emphasis on energy, solar and sustainable design.  During the 90's, our work shifted primarily into commercial projects and public work.   Currently the work of the firm (Recent Projects) enjoys a stream of commercial work, but we once again are finding the design challenges and opportunities of the single family house a primary point of focus.

As a service-oriented firm, we listen closely to our client's needs and specific requests, honoring their ideas and visions.  As a design-oriented firm, we are continually offering fresh new ideas and visions to the client for their review. We help the client with their specific objectives and at the same time generate a solution which exceeds their expectations.  The client brings us a seed from which we generate a flower.