Project Portfolio:
Residential Projects

The single-family residence offers opportunity for uniqueness and distinctiveness in design that is hard to surpass in any other type of project.  The complex features of the site and the residential floor plan, designed for specific personal and family needs, each have a unique signature.  Combining these two basic elements with the three-dimensional massing of the home, with its roof forms, chimneys, decks, windows, expressed beams and structure, and the materials of its exterior, the house form becomes completely unique in shape and appearance.  

In our residential work, we work from the distinctive opportunities that each site and client bring to us.  The client's needs and ideas, as well as local built-form and history; the neighborhood context, climate, site, and energy are all considered to be significant design determinants.  Ask us about the specific wall sections and building details that we recommend for this climate to ensure a dry and healthy building envelope.  In design we consider the client's ideas and needs to be paramount.  We listen. We design. We help you find your dream.